Project Title

Project Title


In order to craft the visual identity for Argos Multilingual, I took a visual deep dive into the idea of translation itself:
Languages are comprised of a variable amount of characters (anywhere from 12 to 74, to be exact). For the sake of simplicity, let’s imagine those language components are shapes. In order to shape shift (no pun intended) between languages, these figures need to transform, mold and curve to continuously fit into a cohesive whole. Translation keeps these larger language structures intact across geographic locations and cultures.

This project is still in the works :) 


The Argos logo mark is a bold and graphic simplification of this unnecessarily complex visual dissection. The use of basic geometric shapes introduces an aspect of play while remaining professional.

The color scheme is designed to feel fresh and crisp. Mimicking the complexities of different languages, the colors compliment each other while simultaneously striking the perfect contrast. The semi-custom sans serif typography is modern and clean. 

argos-final-colors copy

Below you can find some sketches of my initial thoughts on the Argos “A” as well as a more abstract direction that merged the “A” and the “M” into a single logo. This graphic, face-resembling logo mark would have centered the company’s visual identity around the human interaction side of translation.  

a-sketches copy