Project Title

Project Title


I attribute a large portion of my design skills to lessons learned during the time I’ve spent with a camera in hand. Developing a strong sense of photographic composition has helped me perfect my ability to create a well balanced layout. Below is a handful of various projects I’ve executed over the years. 

Magazine Set Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics

This look book is a segment of a larger project I executed for Anthropologie during the summer of 2018. The photo shoot took place at the Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. As with most of my photo work, I art directed, shot, styled and edited the series. My lovely model was Aisha Neal.

Stacked Magazines Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics
Magazine Set Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics

All too often we simplify people to a single dimension. We define those around us by looking at a miniscule part of their identity that happens to stand out to us. Multiple Dimensions is a short film exploring representation, stigma and the power of vulnerability. The piece grounds gendered ideas about race, size and disability in the Japanese philosophy of imperfection, called Wabi Sabi. It understands perfection as a social construct. Wabi Sabi illustrates that the only reason why this flawlessness feels real and achievable, is because we have all grown up in a world that treats it as such. Multiple Dimensions seeks to expose the importance of understanding how our presence can manipulate, for better or worse, the comfort with which others navigate everyday spaces.

Multiple Dimensions was a two-part project that consisted of a short film and this research booklet. 

One of the miscellaneous projects I worked on during my time at URBN was an archival deep dive into the company’s history. I partnered with the team’s Art Director to create lead images meant to prompt users to explore the given year within the company’s history. 


This is a compilation of some of my favorite photo work until 2017. The photos range from travel photography from Iceland, Denmark, Croatia, Poland and the US to portraits and fashion.